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Ysha is the Best Numerologist in Pitampura, Delhi and has analytical knowledge and required skills for a vast subject like this. 

Numerology is one of the such subjects from the Vedic period and branch of Astrology that claims the essential skill set that is offered by Ysha as she is a learned personality in the world of astrologers and gives you the concrete and accurate results for your problems and queries.


Best Numerologist In Pitampura Delhi

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Numerology is a deep and analytical study of any object in the whole universe with numbers. It is done both at the micro and macro level. It is the result of a thorough and deep study of many learned and intellectual philosophers. It has its roots in Egypt and Babylon culture but on a considerable note, Indian Ancient culture has played very well role here too. We have our Vedic Numerology. Vedic Numerology tells about a lot about oneself.

Best Numerologist In Pitampura Delhi

Numerology has very valid logic that everything in this whole universe is symbolized in the form of a number. The basis of numerology says that mathematical concepts are more practical than physical concepts. For your all kind of queries, Ysha is the best numerologist in India.


Ysha is the Best Numerologist in Pitampura, Delhi and our numerology is based on the idea that every single thing in this whole world is influenced by one or more than one planets of our solar system.


Effects of Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Moon, and other planets have constant effects on our personality, ideology, nature, characteristics, behavior and the way our life goes.

Then in Vedic numerology, psychic numbers play a very dominant role to determine an individual’s fate and whole personality.

They define the basic characteristics of an individual. They tell about the talent with which a person has come to this world.

psychic number is obtained by deriving the whole number out of the date of birth of a person. Only the birthday date of a person is considered and neither the month nor year is considered is the same for the purpose.

For example, if someone’s birthday is on 15th then the psychic number, in that case, will be 1+5=6.

the psychic numbers and their characteristics

1: Leading, pioneering, independent, attaining individual, initiating action.
2: Adaptability, cooperation, partnering, consideration of others, mediating.
3: Socialization, expression, the arts, verbalization, the joy of living.
4: Struggle against limits, order, service, steady growth, a foundation.
5: Visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom, Expansiveness.
6: Balance, protection, nurturing, Responsibility, community, sympathy.
7: Understanding, knowledge, studious, awareness, analysis, meditating.
8: Power-seeking, practical endeavors, high-material goals, status oriented.
9: Selflessness, giving nature, obligations, humanitarian, creative expression.

Destiny Number

Destiny number is obtained by adding the number of your date of birth plus number of month and year of birth. 

For example:- 12th March 1984. For given case, Destiny Number will be 1+2+3+1+9+8+4=28, then 2+8=10, then 10=1

This number describes the attributes and characteristics that other people find in you. 

It gives you the fair idea how you are seen in the eyes of world.

Best Numerologist In Pitampura Delhi

name Number

Name number is called relationship number. 


If you have more than one name then you will have more than one name number. Analytics with your name number will help you to improve your relationship with others and overcome any negativity and bad influences in your relations with the people. 


It will improvise your bond with your near and dear ones.


Name Number and their characteristics in Vedic Numerology:



Best Numerologist In Pitampura Delhi

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