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Astrology is a wide concept and it has many branches associated with it. 

Astrology is a conceptual subject based on scientific knowledge and skillful art. 

We are always aware of our past and present only but future is unseen. 

It gives us an opportunity to look into the future and correct our future events by remedies suggested by Astrology.

It also has a broader outlook to touch every aspect and dimension of life and make them constructive for our betterment. 

Knowledge of astrology requires guidance, dedication, skills, time, study and an ideal mentor. 

Ysha gives you an ideal deal for learning this great subject with all her efforts, vast knowledge, incredible experience and learned skills.

Classes for following Subjects

Birth Chart

As per the astrological science, path of an individual’s life is predefined as per the position of the planets, the moon, the sun and other impacting elements at the time of the birth of the person. 

All this is well calculated and a chart is drawn accordingly called Birth Chart

Addition to this, any Flaws or Dosha are avoided in advance by Astrological remedies like pooja or some other simple procedures.

Palmistry is a methodology to reveal the details of an individual on the basis of the lines on the palm of that person. 

These lines contain various important information about the life of the concerned person like life, education, health, career and even matrimonial relations too.


Matchmaking is done on the basis of the kundali chart of the individuals for their marriage purpose. 

Whether the concerned boy and girl are compatible for each other and will their married life be successful or not. These kinds of questions are answered by the matchmaking procedure. 

Various aspects of their lives like understanding, temperament, children, finance and peace & prosperity of the relations are predicted in advance.

It is a number science and based on calculations. 

It works on a very logical theory that every object in this world is associated with Number. 

It has its own study to reveal and telling about anything as per its methodology.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is related to ancient history of India. 

It is associated with layout of any premises like any physical  infrastructure like home, shop, factory, office and building. 

It suggests the way of perfect layout for interior and exterior of the premises to bring blessings, prosperity and happiness forever and protects you from evil eyes.

Tarot Card Reading is a predefined system that solves the problems and answers the questions based on set of cards. 

With the help of pictures, colors, designs, animals and scenery drawn on them will let you know lot about you and the solutions of your problems. 

These above subjects are very interesting and add to your knowledge. 

It will expose you to the world of knowledge and experience. Classes for these subjects are held by none other than Ms. Ysha who is an ideal figure in astrology.

You feel free to contact us to reach Ysha for any information for the classes of above mentioned subjects. 

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