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Ysha knows the analytical and logical study of positions of planets backed by ancient science of Indian history.

Her skills, knowledge, expertise, experience and positive attitude collectively have made her the best astrologer and first choice of the solution seekers in the society.

Ysha strongly believes in sharing this incredible knowledge therefore she conducts classes for all these different and interesting subjects of the astrology. She strongly believes in sharing this incredible knowledge therefore she conducts classes for all these different and interesting subjects of the astrology.

She is an authentic name in the world of astrology internationally which makes her the best astrologer in Pitampura, Delhi, India.

She is also very careful and particular to maintain the secrecy and protecting the privacy of all of her clients.
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Astrology and all other branches

She has ability and expertise as the best astrologer and all other related branches of it like palmistry, vastu-shastra, numerology, sun-signs. She also provide services related to other astrological methods practiced in other countries like Tarot Card Reading.

Secrecy of clients

Secrecy of the clients is our top priority. Your identity is not disclosed to anyone at any cost. It is guaranteed that your identity, your astrological chart details and other information belonging to you are in safe hands and she promises to maintain your anonymity.

Client’s satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the uniqueness of our services. She make sure that the client should get the full value for its consultations paid. She not only consider the main core of the services but also take into account other peripheral area so that clients feel more than satisfied.

Simple Remedies

Our remedies are very simple to follow as they are the result of thorough study and decades of experience which helped to simplified the methodologies to find the solution through astrology.


Classes provided by her are of supreme quality as every undertaken subject is taught in very simple methods but with full information, know-how, details and insights. She believes in clarity of concepts and deep study of the subject. She also follow international standards of teaching.

Types of clients

She has clients from every segment of the society. It ranges from doctor, professors, judges to engineers and politicians.

Worldwide clients

She is very proud to inform you that she has clients from every corner of the world. She has earned trust through her quality services of the citizen of various other countries than India including USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Pakistan, etc.


Her experience is her key area with which she can place herself in better position when it comes to serve you in efficient manner. Her knowledge, skills, intellect, accurate calculations combined with decades of experience give her a strong base as a best astrologer to find solution to any problem.

Date of birth not required

You can get easy solutions of your problems even if you don not have your date of birth or time of birth through other methods. The solutions will be accurate and helpful for you.

Services offered

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We respect and prioritise the secrecy of our clients. We have changed the name of the persons and places for the purpose to keep their identity private. Your privacy is our commitment and principle that cannot be compromised at any cost.
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