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Ysha is the best astrologer in Pitampura, Delhi if you are looking for an ideal predictor with acute information for your past present and future as per the zodiac signs. 

Ysha leads for her highly accurate predictions for zodiac signs in all over India. She is a famous astrologer for every aspect related to Zodiac Signs. 

Our life is affected by many factors that are beyond our control, they are called External Factors. These factors have strong impact on our life, on our present, past and future too. 

There are Twelve Zodiac Signs these signs refers to twelve constellations of the stars that the sun, the planets and the moon traverse through. 

Sun Sign is one of the these twelve zodiac signs named Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. 

Sun Sign refers to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. It is the foundation on which your horoscope for your journey of the life is established. 

Sun Signs tell you a lot about one’s personality. 

It describes the attributes, traits, physical appearance, preferences, choice, temperament, nature, behavior and specific details or aspect of personality of an individual. 

Not only this, but sun signs plays very important role in mentioning and detailing the one’s personal life, love life, professional life and family life. 

It also gives you information about the people with specific sun signs who will be really compatible with you for your relation or business. 

Positive Aspects:- These people are brave, spontaneous, take initiatives and inspire others, also childlike and full of life and energy.
Negative Aspects:- Egoist, fast reacting, impatient.
Positive Aspects:-These people are strong and will overpower others, patient and high tolerance capacity.
Negative Aspects:- Lazy, rigid, comfort loving, greedy, inflexible and possessive.
Positive Aspects:-Logical and intellectual brains, expert in writing and communication, full of knowledge and the one who talks.
Negative Aspects:- Artificial, greedy, love to gossip, indecisive.
Positive Aspects:- Empathical in nature, sacrificing in nature, strong intuitive and protective.
Negative Aspects:- extremely emotional, restless, worry all the time, easily offended
Positive Aspects:- Loyal, charitable in nature, reflective, loyal and enthusiastic.
Negative Aspects:- arrogant, self –complacent and indulgent.
Positive Aspects:- Helping nature, elegant, perfectionist and pragmatic.
Negative Aspects:- confirming, choosy and noisy.
Positive Aspects:- Idealistic, kind hearted, strong and just .
Negative Aspects:-Lazy, hesitant and narcissistic.
Positive Aspects:- Rational, intelligent, intuitive charming and dedicated.
Negative Aspects:- Suspicious,complicated, arrogant.
Positive Aspects:- Insightful, Superior, brave, beautiful and optimistic.
Negative Aspects:- careless and rash
Positive Aspects:- Intelligent, reliable, optimistic and cute.
Negative Aspects:- Stubborn, suspicious and prefer to stay alone.
Positive Aspects:- Original, calm, friendly, charitable and practical.
Negative Aspects: - Disobedient, hasty and rebel
Positive Aspects:- Insightful, Superior, brave, beautiful and optimistic.
Negative Aspects:- careless and rash

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