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Vastu Shastra refers to soul or energy of a place.Ysha is an expert of Vastu, when you look for the Vastu Shastra Consultant In Pitampura, Delhi, she is the one who gives you right direction and remedies through Vastu Mantra, Vastu puja and other small remedies.

Vastu has direct effect on every aspect of your life. It plays vital importance in the layout out and interior of your premises. Being an expert of Vastu Shastra, helps you get rid of Vastu Dosh of your current interior or position of the home, office, factory, building  and shop and brings you peace and prosperity.

Ysha directs such way of construction based on Vastu that brings wealth, luck and progress in your life. She is the Best Vastu Shastra Consultant in Pitampura, Delhi, India.

Vastu Shastra Consultant In Pitampura

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Vastu Shatra has its origin in Shiva. It has its roots in Hindu Mythology. Vastu Shastra has its own story related to lord shiva. Vastu Purush is the deity of a place. In Treta Yug, once a fight between negative and positive energies. It was between demons (Asurs) and Deties (Devtas).

Vastu Shastra Consultant In Pitampura


Demons were led were Andhkasur. He was son of Lord Shiva and was given as boon to devils by lord shiva now he was fighting against devtas and lord shiva was fighting on the behalf  of devtas.  

Both of them were tired and fight came on halt. Now when shiva was too tired and he started sweating. Out of his sweat, a man was born. He was giant and horrible. Now both deities and demons were confused, which side this giant was on. 

This giant was son of shiva, he was given boon by Shiva to eat to satisfy his appetite as he was very hungry and with permission of Lord Shiva he started eating anything and everything. He was continuously eating limitless. His appetite was out of control.


Now all demons and deities were concerned as everything was being consumed by him. To solve this issue, all of them went to Lord Shiva and a remedy was found. 

All the deities and demons came together to grab this giant and pinned him against ground, his head in north east by deities and his legs in south west direction by demons and he was given a boon by Lord Vishnu, he will be worshiped before any construction on the earth and first food will be served to him to satisfy his appetite. 

He was called Vastu Purush.

Importance remedies of Vastru shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, there are some tips and specific steps to please Vastu Purush and seek blessing his blessings for prosperity and well being of your family  are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. 

Every direction and occupied space have direct link with positive and negative energies. These energies can upgrade and degrade circumstances of your life. 

Vastu shastra has guidance for any infrastructure according to the existence of body of Vastu Purush. Vastru infrastructure’s layout has attributes related to every direction of North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East and South West. 

It has even some small, simple and easy steps to follow even to decorate interior of your home, office, building, shop or factory that have the capacity to solve your problems and make your life struggle free.

Benefits of vastu shastra

Vastu pacifies and strengthen the planets.

Vastu creates aura of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Vastu protect the place from evils forces, black magic and negative energy.

Vastu purifies the whole environment.

Vastu creates powerful positive energy.

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