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Ysha is a prominent name in the world of astrology. She not only provides the services in the form of solution of the problems but also plays a positive and constructive role to change the lives of people.


You can take some of the following examples as reference for the same reason to assure yourself that when astrology is talked about her has her own identity. 

Testimony Ysha

I am XYZ, based in Noida. Thank-you, Ysha ma’am for changing my life as for last 5 years. I and my family were really worried for my marriage and we actually looked for eligible boys but sometimes we could not find an eligible match and sometimes the boys we chose rejected me. 

Finally, I came to Ysha ma’am, but before coming to her, my parents went to various other astrologers and did different kind of Pujas and other suggested and directed things, nothing worked and everything got failed. Experience and help that we got from Ysha ma’am both were incredible.  

She listened and understood our problem and went through my Kundali and suggested me some very simple remedies for my problem and we followed the same and as she predicted within a span of 5 months, I got engaged to a very suitable guy who is now my husband. 

I would again like to appreciate Ysha Astrologer for her calibre and expertise and changing my life.

I am ABC, Delhi based businessman. I was facing a lot of my problems in my business and financially there were a lot of issues going on. I tried and worked very hard to revive my business conditions but all my efforts went waste. 

Then I went to lot of astrologers and predictors as per suggestions of my family and friends. All those people charged huge fees and told me to follow some of their instructions. I did follow them but all my money and efforts were futile. Now I did not have any hope, I was losing my positivity. 

Then I saw Ysha Ji’s advertisement on Facebook and I found her so full of positive energy that my inner voice asked me to reach her to find the solution of my problem. My inner voice was so right as I find solution of my problem in her guidance for just a very reasonable consultation fee. 

She suggested me to change my Vastu Shastra of my office that was flawed and it was a really great help and it improved my
financial condition and business position both. 

I am very thankful to Ysha Ji.

I am 123, a house wife based in Mumbai, I am married for last 9 years and having two children. My life is actually getting disturbed due to clashes that used to occur between me and my husband. Due to frequent fights, everything was getting spoiled. My whole family was going through a very difficult phase because of this. 

Peace, prosperity and happiness of the family were gone. We both were considering to opt for divorce. There was no stability any more. Mental state of all of us was suffering of all of us, particularly of our children. 

I was suggested to seek advice from Ysha ma’am by one of my friends who herself got many of her personal and professional problems resolved by her. 

I went to Ysha ma’am and it was turning point in my life as her advice and remedies based on our astrological chart proved to be so constructive and productive that my married life got filled with happiness and love. 

Now we both are so amicable and compatible relation that we feel we complete each other and our kids are far more happy and progressive to find such a nice home ambiance and it is all because of Ysha ma’am.

We respect and prioritise the secrecy of our clients. We have changed the name of the persons and places for the purpose to keep their identity private. Your privacy is our commitment and principle that cannot be compromised at any cost.


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