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Ysha is well known name in tarot card reading field. She is known as learned woman and the Best Tarot Card Reader in Pitampura, Delhi. Her popularity has made her the Best Tarot Card Reader in Pitampura, Delhi and Delhi NCR.  

Testimonies, solved cases and given solutions have made her a leading name in the field of Tarot card reading. Tarot card reading is her specialized field.  

Expert advice by Ysha grounded on her knowledge and efficiency have made her a leading name in the country for the same purpose. Ysha is capable to bring tremendous change in your life and positive energy in your life. 

Her vast knowledge and expertise in the field related to art of tarot card reading in reference to predictions, problem solving, guiding for better future perspectives, improving relations and make life beautiful and peaceful.

Tarot Card Reader In Pitampura Delhi

Facts by Best Tarot Card Reader In Pitampura Delhi

Tarot card reading is an Italian practice that is used for gaining knowledge of Past, present and future. It is in existence since 14th century. There is a deck of 78 cards in total. These cards have the capacity to see the past present future events of an individual. It can suggest you remedies for better future in terms of health, relationships, finance, education, career and wealth.

Tarot Card Reader In Pitampura Delhi

There are 78 cards in tarot card reading and every card carries symbol and images. These images or symbols get connected with your sub conscious mind. 

It is the miraculous thing to know and understand that our subconscious mind has solution for every problem or question that we have.

Tarot card reader has an obvious connection with these tarot cards at subconscious level and these cards create a connection through the reader’s subconscious mind with the person who is asking the question. 

These 78 cards are the reflection of all the phases of human life.

It means every single human being is supposed to go through these phases in his or her life and these phases are identical for every human irrespective of caste, religion, status or nationality but  the chronology of these phases can be different in every person’s case.

Tarot card reading is based on a theory. 

This is called “theory of life”. This theory is about how life evolved on the earth. How all the elements to support life got created and evolved. Creation and evolution of  the earth and life on it is described in that theory. How life on it came in existence gradually.

Parts Of Tarot cards

Major Arcana’s set has 22 cards. It starts from zero to 21. Each card is attached with specific name. These cards specifically mention main life events of an individual and even of previous life.

Minor Arcana has 56 cards. These 56 cards are further divided into 4 parts. These four divided sets are named as wands, cups, swords and pentacles. These cards go for minor and detailed events in the life.


Arcana literally means Secret
Tarot Card Reader In Pitampura Delhi

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