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Astrology consists of a number of belief systems which hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. In the West, astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to predict aspects of an individual’s personality or life history based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects at the ... see more


The number game now has a new meaning, to be Number 1 you have to now get the numbers in your Name right. Did you know that each alphabet of your name has a certain value, and the sum total of this should be in harmony with your date of birth to have a smoother sailing in life? This necessitates one to know more about the ... see more

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into the past, current and possible future situations of the subject (or querent), i.e. cartomancy. Some believe they are guided by a spiritual force, while others believe the cards help them tap into a collective unconscious ... see more


If you write with your right hand then your ‘active hand’ is right hand. If you write with left hand then your ‘active hand’ will be left hand. First, find out which one is your active hand. Observe the mounts and lines in the palm of your active hand. Recognize them correctly with the help of pictures... see more

Vastu Consultancy

Vastu Shastra is an inspiring explanation of a person’s surrounding and its concurrent influence on his or her life. The factual meaning of Vastu is ‘house’ or ‘dwelling place’. The principles of Vastu are established to create a harmony between the natural elements of Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the atmosphere. The knowledge and judgment of Vastu mitigates the depressing functioning of our environment ... see more

Who we are

Get Indian Vedic Astrology Consultation through Instant Chatting with Internationally renowned Indian Astrologer Ms. Ysha Ji. Now you can get instant replies to your astrology queries which are your cause of concern and troubling you for days. Get advice for forthcoming events, decisions, investments, relationships and other aspects of life. We need only your complete Birth details for making your Birth Chart / Horoscopes. Horoscope interpreted instantly in front of you. As per Indian Astrology this service is done manually deriving marvelous results. In most of the cases your query is even known to us as soon as you provide your Birth Chart/Horoscope Details.

Consultation services broadly include: Marriage, Marital, Harmony Compatibility, Rectification of Birth Charts / Horoscopes, Profession, Professional Status, Education, Higher Education, Financial Stability, Progeny, Health, Child, Relationship / Love Life, Emotional Stability, Travel, Gains Fulfillment of Desire, Investments, Stock Markets, Inheritance, Early settlement of life, Spiritualism, Astral Remedies and every aspect of life.

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Please make sure that the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth are mandatory for casting your Birth Chart / Horoscope and all consultations / predictions will be provided after interpreting your Birth Chart / Horoscope manually and personally. Indian Vedic Astrology Consultation is totally Confidential & Secure. You can get instant astrological paid consultation by Messenger or by calling on the Tel No Numbers given in the Contact Us from Monday to Saturday. If we are not available you can leave the message on the Messenger or Email at , so that we can contact you accordingly.

Most of the Bollywood, Film Industry Actors, Actresses, Sportsmen, Cricketers, Businessmen, Industrialists Consult Ms. Ysha Ji before INVESTING THEIR MONEY IN SHARE MARKET, REAL ESTATE AS WELL AS COMMODITY MARKET.
Send an Email and get Astrological consultation with Vedic Indian Astrologer Ms. Ysha Ji at a time that is convenient to you. We will mail you the details and the link where you can chat with her.


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